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DORAYAKI Global No.1

  • We deliver wagashi to various contries thought the world

    We deliver wagashi dorayaki

  • food factory functionally operated in compliance with haccp

Delicious WAGASHI Availiable to Everyone in the World.

Marukyo’s aspiration originates in our desire to share the great taste of wagashi with as many people as possible. Wagashi was created by the Japanese people as part of the Japanese culture fostered by the natural beauty of Japan’s distinctive four seasons, as well as the Japanese way of life.

Using the slogan of “Fostering the wagashi culture in the hearts of people” Marukyo has been actively approaching overseas markets in enabling the wagashi culture to be not only available to the Japanese people but instead to everyone throughout the world.

We are convinced that our wagashi with its carefully produced ANKO(sweet bean paste) will bring joy to everyone throughout the world. Marukyo intends to continue to make the utmost effort at all the stages of development,production, distribution, and sales in maintaining a commitment to make the most delicious wagashi.

Increasingly expanded overseas business.

Wagashi produced by Marukyo, which includes dorayaki, are nowadays extremely popular with overseas customers now that our products are available in a variety of countries. We have also been playing an active role in overseas trade shows. Together with our local distributors we now intend to further expand our sales in Asian markets. We deliver delicious wagashi to various countries throughout the world.

The quality of Marukyo’s products can always be taken for granted.

“Marukyo’s WAGASHI tastes so good!” “The quality of Marukyo’s products can always be taken for granted.” Maintaining that kind of trust in our products by customers through creating “a credible brand ” was one of most important tasks for us a manufacturer,and is something we wish to maintain at any cost. compatible sanitary management system covering the entire Line from manufacture to packing. The factory also produces the largest number of dorayaki in the world.